The Internet today represents the largest repository of information freedom for all users, including those with disabilities. Therefore, we place great importance on providing equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities to access the information presented on the website and to enable a better browsing experience. We aspire to ensure that digital services are accessible to people with disabilities, and, as such, substantial resources have been invested to facilitate the use of the website for individuals with disabilities. This is based on the belief that every individual deserves the right to live with equality, dignity, comfort, and independence.

How Accessibility Works on the Website

The website complies, to the best extent possible, with the requirements of equal rights for people with disabilities (Accessibility Adjustment Regulations), 5773-2013. Accessibility adjustments have been made in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (T.Y 5568) for web content accessibility at Level AA and the international WCAG 2.0 document. The website provides semantic structure for assistive technologies and supports the common keyboard operation pattern using arrow keys, Enter, and Esc to exit menus and windows. To enhance the best browsing experience with screen reading software, we recommend using the most updated version of NVDA.

Accessibility Menu

There is an accessibility menu on the site. Clicking on it opens the accessibility menu, and each line in the menu generates a different action as detailed below. The software operates in commonly used web browsers.

Accessibility Menu Options

  1. Text Magnification: Option to enlarge or reduce text size.
  2. Smooth Contrast: Option to create high contrast for improved visibility.
  3. High Contrast: Option to create very high contrast for improved visibility.
  4. Grayscale: Disables colors and displays the site in black and white.
  5. Link Highlight: Displays underlines below links.
  6. Disable Animations: Allows the removal of distracting animations.
  7. Readable Font: Changes the site's font to a more readable one.
  8. Close: Closes the accessibility menu.
  9. Reset Accessibility Settings: Allows you to reset settings to their default state.

Accessibility at the Store

Tel Aviv, 85 Yehuda Halevi Street Accessible entrance, wide door Accessible measurement booth, accessible seating, entrance with service animals, accessible sales desk You can move around the store with a wheelchair Phone: 03-5273992